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Ecolite T Youngman LED Spotlights
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12 Jun 2020
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Specification of

Ecolite-T L.E.D

Youngman has been redesigning the Ecolite with Green House strategy, combining the latest in technology GHS LED. Superior performance of LED lighting results in huge savings in fuel costs with improved new Ecolite use only 0.7 litres of diesel per hour.

This equates to savings of up to 65% of the Tower lights. Plus since it's fuel economy and engine Hatz, Ecolite will run up to 135 hours terus continuously on a single tank of fuel.

The resulting light is also the light of superior quality with a more even spread of light, also by reducing glare and no flicker which makes it perfect for use on the roadside where the rider and labor safety is a primary consideration, mining and LED application events provide instant off and allow it to be used in a wider range of temperatures.

Greenhouse strategy, menghasilkan moisture sealed lights and combining GE Lexan shield that is guaranteed against yellowing for 10 years, devastating proof and resistant to stones and other projectiles.

Perhaps the most important advancement is that the LED lights, when well designed, does not burn out or should be changed to 12 years. This greatly reduces the maintenance and/or downtime from Ecolite Tower. Also noted is that LED, at the time it is released, does not pose a problem of liMbah harmful to the environment.

Does Your light towers offer You all of this?

Energy-saving and emission Reducing
Low energy lamps with fuel savings of up to 65% of the Tower lighting mobile standard.
Good fuel economy-use only 0.7 ltr diesel an hour helping to offset carbon emissions
The design fully bunded tanks-no fluid can leak from the unit in the unlikely event of a spill intErn
Save time – up to 128 hours of continuous run time in one of the fuel tanks
Fully hydraulic 9.1 meter pole – no winching necessary hand using liquid bio-degradable
Strong and sturdy — able to withstand winds up to 80 kilometers per hour
Safe work environment-LED lights reduce glare and high CRI
Hatz Diesel Engine-in accordance with the latest emission regulations
Portability-can be pulled behind a car.



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